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Alleppey is one of the Major Enchanting Tourist Destinations of Kerala.Canal Threaded Town of Alappuzha (Alleppeyz)often called as” the Venice of the East”, behind stretch the Polder Lands of Kuttanad. The Kuttanad, and those magical places known as the back waters, are so unusual that you must take time off to visit them.

The Disciplined waterways of the Kuttanad will lead to the broad sheet of Kollam (Quilon) Ashtamudi Lake in this stretch of Kerala’s coast, lake patches of fresh water flow close to the sea. Strictly speaking, the term the back waters would mean the large inland lakes of kerala.Today, However, it has been extended to include the entire network of Lakes,Canals,Estuaries and the curious water features, which have been formed by the unique action of the sea off the coast of Kerala,lying down the strips of land Parallel to the coast.

Alappuzha is famous for its boat races, houseboats, coir products, fish and lakes. Alappuzha is interlocked with a large number of canals and bridges.This water locked district has immense untapped potential for backwater tourism, preserved through the ages and completely hidden from the road is an enchanting experience to any visitor. Gliding along the calm and serene backwaters flanked by green leaves and palms seeing a rural more so while sailing a slow-moving, spacious Kettuvallam.

Do not miss out on a ride into Kuttanad through shimmering, green paddy fields and tail-wagging, head-bobbing groups of ducks. The coir-workers too present an interesting sight as they soak coconut fibre in pools, beat them out and weave the tough brown strands into long ropes on spindles stretched between endless coconut trees.